Portable Electric Salamanders

Manufacturer: Vestil

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FOB: Midwest Warehouse

Portable Electric Salamanders are the perfect odorless, flameless electric alternative to propane and kerosene space heaters.

  • Safety yellow heater enclosure with safety screens on both air intake and output openings.
  • Units include ong-life finned tubular heating elements, thermostat adjustment from 40 to 100 degree Fahrenheit, and fan only operating feature.
  • Includes access panel for direct wiring connections and 10" wheels and handle for easy portability over all surface types.
  • Model PES-1024-1 is pre-wired with 10' cable and straight blade range plug.

6 Models Available for
Portable Electric Salamanders

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Model No. KW Amps Volts Phase Temp Rise Weight Price Ea. Qty
PES-1520-3 15/42 208/3 45 65 lbs. $1259.00
PES-1524-1 15/63 240/1 45 69 lbs. $1259.00
PES-1524-3 15/36 240/3 45 69 lbs. $1259.00
PES-1548-3 15/18 480/3 45 65 lbs. $1259.00
PES-3048-3 30/36 480/3 90 83 lbs. $1985.00
PES-1024-1 10/42 240/1 30 63 lbs. $1201.00

1 Option Available for
Portable Electric Salamanders

Portable Electric Salamanders Option Image

Option: Optional 25 Foot Cord With Plug for Portable Electric Salamanders

FOB: Midwest Warehouse

Model No. Cable Type Use with Model Price Ea. Qty
PES-43-SO 4/3 SO, Power Cord PES-1524-1 $203.00
PES-64-SO 6/4 SO, Power Cord PES-1520-3, PES-1524-3, PES-3048-3 $232.00
PES-124-SO 12/4 SO, Power Cord PES-1548-3 $113.00